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"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
- William Butler Yeats 



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Welcome to the Committee to
Re-Elect Jennifer Beckner

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From the desk of Jennifer Beckner: 

 What Do You Want In a School Board Member?

The citizens of Oldham County will be electing four school board members on November 6, 2012.  This is an exciting time to be involved in public education.  There are many challenges ahead of us as a school district. There are also great opportunities for our district to keep taking our students to the next level.

It is important that Oldham County Board of Education members have independent, diverse, and critical conversations about public education.  You cannot come to serve as a board member with a predetermined agenda.  You have to come to the table with an open mind, a willingness to learn, and a passion for advocating for children and education.  Board members should work as a team, agreeably disagree, manage change, and think critically

Ask yourself what truly matters to your child, your classroom and our community.   There are no simple solutions to our big challenges.  There are big advantages in keeping Oldham County students moving in the right direction.  As long as each board member is willing to put children first, the right decisions will present themselves. 

What Do I Offer As A Board Member?

I am a mother of two.  I have spent my entire adult life serving children in some capacity.  In my background in counseling and rehabilitation, I learned to listen to those I am serving.  I learned to put my personal feelings aside while maintaining my values

Through my leadership as a PTA President, I was able to reconnect our PTA to the business community by establishing partnerships.  Our PTA won multiple membership awards and an award for excellence in programs.  I believe my leadership in the PTA allows me to bring a unique perspective to the board.  My PTA experience sharpened my ability to make big things happen with less money.  As a leader, I sought every chance possible to seek funds from businesses in our community.  As a board member, I will advocate and assist our board in reaching out to build community and business partnerships to ease the burden on our hard working taxpayers.  

I have spent countless hours volunteering in our classrooms and schools.  I know what is going on behind the classroom doors in Oldham County.  I observed first-hand how polices affect the classrooms and school environment.  I engaged in numerous conversations with teachers, administrators, and parents.  When voting on policy, I always consider how those policies will be implemented by educators and how they will impact the overall school environment.

In graduate school, I studied curriculum and instruction in elementary education.  I know what works in the classrooms and how much teachers give of their talents and time to get it done.  I am enthusiastic that our children are being guided in curriculum that is student-centered and challenges every type of learner.  I pledge to support continued progress that will take our school district to the next level.

Some solutions come with growing pains.  My experience working for an adoption agency has prepared me for those tough decisions.  As a board member you cannot please every citizen, however, you must always remember that you are serving your community and above all,our school children.  You must be able to communicate how the tough decisions were made and how it benefits the district as a whole.  

I am willing to continue to learn about public education, student achievements, and our district.  I have proven to be dependable and willing to put in the hard work to educate myself to represent my district.  I know how to listen and collaborate

Each past work or volunteer experience that I bring to the table has been child centered.  I invite you to review my bio.  I have worked to educate students, house homeless youth, counsel at-risk kids, promote parental involvement in schools, and assist adoptable children.  I hope you will vote to let me continue to advocate for the students in Oldham County.

She Wins, Kids Win!

This is an exciting time to be involved with public education. Jennifer Beckner seeks re-election for the board member position for Division 5 of Oldham County Schools, which include the following:

Elementary Schools:
Middle Schools:
High Schools:
Buckner Elementary
East Oldham Middle School
North Oldham High School
Centerfield Elementary
North Oldham Middle School
Oldham High School
LaGrange Elementary
Oldham Middle School
South Oldham High School

Which Division of Oldham County School District Do You Live In?

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.